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E-Mail Marketing

Course Description What’s the focus of this course? As the name suggests, email marketing involves sending marketing messages using email. When properly done, a personalized email marketing message can be a very effective marketing tool. This Advanced Email Marketing course will help participants learn email marketing strategies, including creating effective advertisements to promote products and services. […]

Social Media Optimisation

You can create awareness for your product or services or you can get leads by effective social media ads as well as Social ads can give a voice to your brand but this effective process depends on a controlled and effective ad strategy. Connecting, Talking and Sharing with Customers. Showing your Products/Services to Customers this can be […]

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been around the market from the very beginning but still people are not well known to this term, and big brands like Flipkart & Amazon have used affiliate marketing to its extent to make their presence known in the market, many marketers are using affiliate to make passive income while sitting in […]

Google Adwords

Course Description What’s the focus of this course?Complete Google AdWords Professional Training course ensures that you become a complete Google Advertising Professional. You will get a 360-degree exposure of Google Pay per Click network and an in-depth understanding of major aspects of Google Ads Network like Search, Display, Mobile and Video. After completing this course, you […]

Digital Marketing Course

Better ideas for Fast Growth Digital Marketing, in a nutshell, can be described as any form of marketing which is done online. Its focus on the marketing of any products or services using digital technologies, generally on the internet, but also includes other digital mediums like display advertising, mobile phones, etc. Digital Marketing has been […]